How to Complete The Course

Before you jump into the first module I want to help set you up for success so you go through this course with the right mentality and plan.

The Order For Your Success in This Course:

  1. Learn How to Chart The Smart Way - The first lesson we break down how to use my custom drum charts for optimum efficiency and song knowledge.
  2. Listen & Watch the Recording Performance Videos - These are the real video recordings of tracking the drums for the EP album. Watch and get familiar with the tracks.
  3. Count & Chart - Using what we learned in the first lesson on charting, do your best to count out each section and fill in the number of bars for each section of the song. The Basic Song Form Outline PDF will be there for you to use and you can watch the song break-down video lessons to get the big picture.
  4. Learn The Key Drum Parts - After you chart the song form it's time to watch the Key Drum Parts of the Songs where I break down the exact Grooves, Fills, Transitional Phrases, Build-up Phrases, etc. This is where the bulk of the learning will be.
  5. Practice The Songs - Now you can practice along to the songs while listening and watching the Guided Play-Through videos. These lessons have a guide, a click, and song form notes in the performance video to assist your memory and execution of every drum part.
  6. Record Yourself - After you have put in the work of charting, learning each key drum part, and practicing along, it's time to record yourself playing the songs. You are my backup drummer! You need to get these songs down for the gig! The Drum-less tracks are provided for you to "be the drummer" and play all the parts from memory. This is the last step of the process, and it's time to hit the stage. If you rock the songs all the way through in one take, you pass the course! For fun, record yourself and send me your performance so I see how you did!

The Song Form Charting Guide is a super useful and helpful tool to break down songs, and easily memorize each part of the song so you can lead the music and play with confidence every time.

For a detailed look into how to fill out the chart and see an example of charting out a full song, enroll in the course and we will cover that in our first lesson!

Custom Drum Chart Template.pdf
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