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Why do most drummers see little improvement even after taking lessons?

Why can't you play the tasty chops and flow around the kit (even after years of playing)?

Not Your Average Online Drum Lessons

A-Z drum program to take you from wherever you are now, through intermediate, and onto the advanced stages of drumming

✅ Specifically designed to take a drummer through the 5 key stages of becoming a solid player.

A System That Works. This isn't just pre-recorded videos. You get access to a transformational program

Monthly Live Lessons & Coaching by Eric with Other Drummers on Zoom

Access to a Private Community called "The Drum Club" where you can learn and share with other drummers from around the world.

Access to Eric himself to ask questions and get guidance & feedback

Decades worth of practice material, over $6,000 in value

Hosted on Teachable for easy access and navigation


Eric began playing drums at the age of 8 and played his first gig at the age of 12. For the next decade he was personally taught and mentored by jazz legend Roy McCurdy.

He has gigged extensively throughout the world-famous musical hub of Los Angeles, California and has played with a variety of bands across many genres, such as alt rock, indie, country, blues, pop, and christian worship. 

Eventually Eric began teaching private lessons out of his own home studio, as well as run after school drum classes at nearby elementary and high schools. He found he had a natural talent and love for teaching and had particular skill in taking difficult concepts and techniques and teaching them in a SIMPLE way that was easy for students to absorb.

He saw many issues with the way drums were currently being taught, especially online, so in 2016 he launched to bring his lessons online where he felt he could truly make an impact on the musical world.

Eric's online lessons quickly gained traction with his fun personality and ability to communicate concepts in extremely simple and effective ways. 

Now, at age 30, Eric's lessons have reached across the globe with his Youtube views in the multi millions, a 5 digit YouTube subscriber list, and over 2,000 students who have joined

Eric's videos currently get 250,000 - 350,000 views every month on social media like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

He created many high-quality lessons that have received hundreds of rave reviews, and then decided to bundle them all together to create a truly A-Z program that ANY drummer could start, no matter where they were in their drum journey, and IMMEDIATELY begin seeing HUGE improvements.

At Eric offers a more than just pre-recorded lessons. His Total Drumming Program gives drummers lifetime access to a comprehensive 6 course bundle, a 3 month subscription to live group lessons over Zoom, and lifetime access to a private community of drummers called "The Drum Club".

He will ensure that you don’t just develop incredible drum skills, but that you also develop them in YOUR OWN unique style.

With over 20+ years of drumming experience, Eric has a LOT to teach, and it's all inside the Total Drumming Program

His students range from young to old, beginners to professionals, and are from all over the world.

Eric Fisher Headshot

What’s up!

Eric here.

I'm going to tell you the SINGLE most common issue drummers face

And it's also the BIGGEST issue holding YOU back...

I've had countless drummers come to me FRUSTRATED that they weren't improving fast enough. (Sometimes frustrated to the point of wanting to QUIT playing drums completely!)

Are YOU improving as fast as you want to?

You practice, you watch videos, you may even pay for private in-person lessons,

But you aren't seeing daily progress.

You sit down behind the drum set to practice and work on some basics, play along to some songs, noodle around a bit...

You can play basic beats and some decent fills and jam along to songs,

But you don't have the kind of mastery over the drumset that lets you create insanely complex rhythms, killer fills that turn heads, and epic drum solos that get everyone in the crowd on their feet.

You may look back months or even YEARS and realize you've barely improved, let alone become the drummer you were SURE you would be when you first started.

BUT do you remember the first time you sat behind a drumset, how fun and exciting it was?

You SURE AS HECK loved the feeling of all those loud drums and cymbals that could make the whole room shake!

It's time to bring that excitement back!

You've got the rhythm in your bones, you just lack ONE key element

The BIGGEST problem that's stopping you from making leaps and bounds in your drumming journey—

You lack structure.

You sit down to practice, you have a few songs you’re working on, a few techniques, some fills…

But months go by and all you’ve done is memorize more songs and rhythms—

You haven’t REALLY improved on a fundamental level...

❌You can't tackle the complicated grooves and polyrhythms the pros use

❌You don’t have a wide variety of foundational patterns to build awesome chops off

❌You lack the real musical ability that allows you to get into a flow state and improvise, create, and blow your band members and live crowds away

Your techniques are just bits and pieces you’ve learned from Youtube that don’t fit together or build off each other

You've memorized a few flashy fills but you have no patterns to come up with FILL AFTER FILL on demand

Even after months or years of practice, you still feel like you just don’t quite...


But in reality, it’s not your fault that you’re not in the top 10% or even 1% of drummers—

You WANT to improve, you practice regularly, you watch Youtube videos, you may have bought a few courses to improve your skills…

You have the determination it takes to succeed,

You just lack the STRUCTURE necessary to continually improve day in and day out.

But again, it’s not your fault…

You ALREADY have the basic rhythm and potential,

So once you solve this simple issue, the whole world of drumming OPENS UP to you in a way you have to see to believe.

Total Drumming Program

Effortlessly fly around the whole kit

Improvise endless fills on the spot

Lead your band in perfect rhythm and know exactly when to hold a steady beat and exactly when to LET LOOSE

Create epic drum solos (or improvise them on the spot) that get everyone’s jaws hanging open

Enjoy and look forward to practicing because you see noticeable improvements EVERY DAY

Get your chops so dialed in that your band members and drummer friends will be asking you WHAT THE %&@? you’ve been doing at home

✔ Look back on yourself a few months ago and think… 

"WOW. I was BAD!"

So we know that for you to quickly get to this point, you need structure.

But where does this lack of structure come from?

This lack of structure comes from 2 SOURCES:

1: The truth of human nature that makes it nearly impossible for people to structure their own practice and training effectively

(This is why all great musicians have mentors of their own)

2: The “self-taught” Youtube drummer phenomenon

While Youtube is an excellent source of free tips and useful advice,

The fact is, you just pick up fragments from here, there, and everywhere,

And this garbles your brain, making solid consistent progress nearly impossible.

Youtube is supplementary, NOT foundational.

When I teach students, I can pick out the self-taught Youtube drummers IMMEDIATELY.

They all have the same issues—

🚩Random fragments of skill

🚩Isolated techniques

🚩Poor fundamentals

🚩No real foundation holding everything together.

I work with many self-taught drummers who had been playing for YEARS before they came to me,

And should have been WELL PAST intermediate,

But their basic rudiments were hardly better than a beginner’s.

The good news is that once we patch the holes in their game and get their rudiments and foundational techniques where they need to be,

Every single one makes RAPID progress.

They already have good rhythm and muscle memory—

They just need structured training and step-by-step guidance to learn the CRUCIAL fundamentals they are missing.

Once they’re on track, the progress is INSANE.

After seeing this same pattern play out over and over again with my in-person students,

I knew I had to find a way to share this RAPID progress with as many other drummers as possible.

So what did I do?

I started a Youtube channel, of course!

Where better to reach the Youtube drummers??

Total Drumming Program
Some of my best Youtube videos

Total Drumming Program

But Youtube alone could NEVER be enough...

I spent some time teaching lessons on Youtube and reaching millions of other drummers worldwide who liked my fun and simple teaching style.

While talking to my viewers and seeing the same issues again and again,

It was clear to me they needed more structure to continue improving day after day.

So, after many requests,

I developed the ONLY true A-Z drum program that is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to hone in on the most common weaknesses Youtube drummers face,

Fix them one-by-one,

And then take the student ALL THE WAY through beginner, intermediate, and advanced drum skills, and onto live performance and showbiz in much less time than they thought it would take.

Total Drumming Program

So is the Total Drumming Program only for self-taught Youtube drummers?

Absolutely not.

I created the Total Drumming Program to find and fix weak spots that ALL drummers deal with and take them from A-Z as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is JAM-PACKED with step-by-step lessons that will take ANY drummer—no matter how new, how experienced, how young, how old—FAR beyond where they currently are.

The courses inside cover everything from basic rudiments to advanced linear drumming and live performance so you can MASSIVELY up your drum game no matter how good you already are.

You have an in-person teacher too?

The issues that hold self-taught drummers back are often the same issues that drummers with IN-PERSON teachers face—

In-person teachers usually have too many students to give each one the time and attention they need, and once or twice a week is never enough to REALLY build momentum.

They often jump around from this skill to that skill with their students the same way self-taught drummers do…

Fragments here, fragments there, like a whole bunch of small puzzle pieces that go to different puzzles,

Without a real long-term process that takes their students step-by-step from where they are to where they want to go.

They simply have too many students to keep track of.

But with the Total Drumming Program, it’s as if you’re the ONLY student—

Full attention is on YOU and taking you from A-Z as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You’re also in full control of how fast or how slow you progress through the lessons, how often you practice, and what time of day you want to practice.

Complete freedom while still reaping the benefits of structured A-Z training,

As well as a personal teacher available to answer any questions you have about the lessons or about your progress.

It’s TRULY the best of both worlds—

And, since it’s an online course,

It's MUCH cheaper too.

Live Lessons / Coaching

Included in your membership!

2 Tuesday's per month at 4:30 PT

Tune in on Zoom and watch / play along.

Exclusive Access to "The Drum Club"

Total Value


Get it all for a fraction of the price

This course is closed for enrollment.

Apply This Training...

And drumming begins to get EXCITING.


Your band members start giving you weird looks during practice, wondering where all these new chops are coming from,


And the crowds at gigs begin cheering when you nail your new intros, fills, solos, and outros.


Going from A-Z WITHOUT skipping letters gives you the closest thing to a drumming superpower—


🎯AIRTIGHT rudiments


🎯WILD chops




🎯FLOW-STATE improv


🎯ENDLESS grooves


🎯UNBELIEVABLY fun jam sessions and gigs!

None of this is complicated or difficult to achieve...

You'll be amazed how quickly your chops come together when you follow a proven, step-by-step program.

Once you're back on track with your drumming?


⭐Imagine your band members when you start coming to practice with your new chops...

Imagine the crowds at venues when you start SHOWING OFF your new chops...

Imagine the poor WALLS when you start jamming so hard they're shaking and holding on for dear life!

If you’re serious about becoming GREAT at drums,


The Total Drumming Program is the FASTEST way and the BEST value.


Most other online drum courses and memberships require constant monthly fees—no option to buy ONCE and have everything forever.

I want to make sure as many people as possible can afford world-class drum lessons brought right to their home.


The one-time purchase offers the BEST long-term value, and you’ll never have to pay another dime, even when new courses are added and the price goes up.


Most online drum schools are focused on getting AS MANY students as possible—I’m focused on providing the ABSOLUTE best content and value with my own personal attention to your drumming journey.

As you can see,

Enrolling in the Total Drumming Program may just be the most important step you ever take on your drumming journey.

A-Z Total Drum Development Program

Bi-Weekly Live Lessons & Coaching by Eric with Other Drummers on Zoom

Access to a Private Community called "The Drum Club" where you can learn and share with other drummers from around the world.

Hosted in Teachable for easy access and navigation

Step-by-step courses from beginner-->advanced-->live performance

Over 100+ lessons you can rewatch anytime

Instant FULL ACCESS—learn at your own speed

Find and fix all your weak spots

✅ Master the drums faster than you thought possible

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