About Eric

Eric Fisher was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He began playing drums at the age of 8 years old and played his first gig at the age of 12. For the following 10 years Eric studied with the jazz legend Roy McCurdy.

Eric began gigging regularly throughout the many venues of Los Angeles throughout his 20's playing with a variety of bands and artists in the genres of pop, alternative rock, indie, country, blues, and christian worship. Aside from live gigging Eric took up drum recording and production from his home studio and has recorded drums for artists in LA as well as his own EP album.

As Eric continued to mature as a drummer in his 20's, a new passion for drum education developed. Eric began teaching private lessons out of his own home studio to local drummers, as well as running after school drum classes at nearby elementary & high schools. In 2016 Eric launched Fisherdrumming.com to expand his teaching career to online education.

Eric's online lessons quickly gained traction with his relatable personality and his ability to communicate drumming concepts in extremely simple and effective ways. Now, at age 30, Eric's lessons have reached across the globe with his Youtube views in the 3 millions, a 5 digit YouTube subscriber list, and over 2,000 students who have joined Fisherdrumming.com.

In 2023 Eric has launched the Modern Drum Academy which is an online program for drummers who want to become more successful in growing an online presence, getting recognition in the drum community, recording and producing pro drum tracks from a home studio, and start earning an income with drumming. Learn more at ModernDrumAcademy.com

Eric now focuses full time on coaching his existing students and helping drummers reach their goals and dreams. His students range from young to old, beginners to professionals, and are from all over the world.